Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Mind Your Step" at Avis Frank Gallery, Houston TX . November 08th to November 30th, 2013

 "Gardenlandia"; Acrylic / Canvas; 48ins x 60ins ; 2013

"Untitled 1 (from the Mind Your Step Series)";  Gouache / Paper; 22ins x 30ins; 2013

"Hide and Seek"; Acrylic / Canvas; 48ins x 60ins; 2013

"Hopscotch"; Acrylic / Canvas; 48ins x 60ins; 2013

"Molotov 1"; Acrylic / Canvas; 6ins x 6ins; 2013
"Molotov 2" ; Acrylic / Canvas; 6ins x 6ins; 2013

"Molotov 3"; Acrylic / Canvas; 6ins x 6ins; 2013

Hunting; Acrylic / Canvas; 40ins x 30ins; 2013
"Puzzles (Rompe Cabezas)"; Acrylic/ Paper; Various Dimensions ; 2013

"Untitled 2 (from the Mind Your Step Series" ; Acrylic / Canvas; 30 ins x 24 ins; 2013

"Untitled 3 (from the Mind Your Step Series)" ; Acrylic / Canvas; 24ins x 30ins; 2013


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  2. I would like to share this comment from Luis Duno Gottberg, Associate Professor of Film and Caribbean Studies, Department of Hispanic Studies, Rice University, Houston, which he posted on my facebook page on 11/24/13:

    “Luis Duno-Gottberg: Congratulations for an excellent show Gerardo.
    I would describe the work as brilliant. By destabilizing or challenging the spectator's perception (and expectation) of what the language of violence is and where the "locus" of violence resides, you bring him/her into a deeper understanding of the problem. You force us to see violence in expressions or forms that are traditionally associated with the realm of children, toys, playfulness --this is tremendous and probably, necessary.”